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"I was low in confidence when I started driving. I thought I'd never pass, but the lessons I had were so much fun and worthwhile, before I had a chance to think I couldn't do it, I was progressing excellently. Throughout my driving PJ hasn't just been a driving instructor to me but a friend and that's one of the reasons I passed my test first time  I also did Pass Plus with PJ, which was really enjoyable, worthwhile and productive.  There is so much fun in the lessons, but at the same time PJ remains totally professional." Isiah (19 years), Notts  
"I started my lessons with PJ on my 17th birthday and passed first time after having less than the average number of lessons.Every lesson was fun and entertaining and I'm sure I had the friendliest instructor in Notts!"   James, 18 year    
"When I started driving I was useless, but PJ taught me how to drive and boy did we have some good laughs!  Through my theory test he was there to support me and through my driving test he was there and that's why I passed first time.   I can't think of a better instructor than PJ"   Mel, 18 year, Nottingham  
"I started my driving lessons in January and passed in July, after 7 months of pure enjoyment and laughter, (as well as learning).  You would be silly not to have PJ as your driving instructor.  If you're lucky enough Borat or Ali G might even join you on your lessons! Ha, Ha, Ha!  Funny!"   Katie, Gedling