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The Tests

To obtain a full U.K. driving licence currently there are two tests to pass:-

Theory and hazard perception test

The theory test is a computer based multi-choice question bank, where the pupil has to currently answer correctly a minimum of 43 questions out of 50 (86%) to pass this part of the test. At the same sitting, a minimum of 44 points out of 75 (59%) is required on the hazard perception part.

PJ provides full support on preparation for both parts of this test.

Practical test

The second and currently final test is the practical test, which is carried out from a local test centre. The pupil will pass as long as they don't accumulate more than 15 minor (driver) faults or receive even 1 serious or dangerous fault for the duration of a test route, lasting approximately 40 minutes start to finish.

Again PJ will support you all the way and will even sit in the back of the car on the test day if it will help you to know he is there on your side!